Media Gallery

We are looking for pictures that you have taken during a sabbath afternoon walk, a party or some other event with church members that we can put on the church website. Please E-mail them to and put the word "picture" somewhere in the subject line.


Because we care about your privacy we will not put any pictures up of you until you give us permission in writing. Before we will put any pictures up we need to have an image release form on file for you and your family.

The Image Release Form is put out by the North American Division for each family to fill out in order to give the Silver Heights SDA Church permission to put pictures up which contain any person of that family. You can download the form here. Please print it out, fill it out and bring it to church. You are not obligated to fill this form out if you do not wish to have your picture on this website. We will look over every picture before we put it up on the website to be sure does not contain anyone whom has not submitted a form and to be sure it upholds the standards of the church.